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an embracing the ridiculous personal update + a doodle bingo card

Hey Reader, My summer started off with a major milestone, then a much needed break.Watching my oldest graduate high school and be celebrated by his friends, teachers and friends’ parents, was both vulnerable and wonderful. It really brought home to me that I’ve raised a kid who’s out in the world, connecting with others, building his own support systems. Wow. And right after that emotional weekend I headed out to Maine for a week-long Jiu Jitsu camp. Yup - summer camp for grown ups. That camp...

10 months ago • 1 min read

Hi Reader, Reparenting the younger parts of ourselves is powerful. It clears the path for self-acceptance where before there was only shame. It opens up the door to feeling loved, and helps usher out the shadows of abandonment and loneliness. Art journaling is a wonderful tool for doing this work. The pages of my journal have helped me learn to trust myself, reclaim my voice, and find a way out of co-dependency and self betrayal. For all of us, connecting with that young part of ourselves and...

11 months ago • 1 min read

Hey Reader, Do you feel like you're 'enough'? You wouldn't be alone if you feel squirmy answering that. Many of us struggle with a feeling that deep down we're unworthy, undeserving or 'not enough' just as we are. Today I'm sending you an exercise I've done in my Draw Yourself Out workshops when we focus on the theme of being enough. This exercise is very helpful in gaining perspective. Grab a pen and paper and give it a try! You Are Enough Journal Exercise Where does your idea of 'enough'...

about 1 year ago • 1 min read

Hey Reader, I've got somewhat of an obsession with pens and notebooks. And with my journaling I've tried out a LOT of different supplies. So much of what feels good for journaling is highly personal, but I'm happy to share my favorites as a jumping off point for you to discover what you like best. I love my Copic Markers, for instance, but I also find them a bit messy, heh, and they bleed through nearly every paper, so I rarely use them in journaling. (FWIW, Crescent makes Rendr, a paper that...

about 1 year ago • 1 min read
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